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Desmid atlas

Assen, 10-10-2020

Over more than 10 years I have collected data on the distribution and ecology of desmids in Drenthe. The last two years a lot of work has been done on arranging the collected data in order to publish an atlas with maps, photographs and ecological data.  This work has not finished, but I want to give a preview on this work now. Several chapters are ready an I made a low resolution version of those chapters available as a pdf file. Finally the complete work will be published as a book with hig resolution pictures.

Every chapter has a clickable contents page on one of the first pages. This way you can quickly navigate to the right species. Clicking the arrow at the bottom of these pecies pages will bring you back to the contents page of that chapter.

The text of the documents is in Dutch. On page 44 of the introduction (Inleiding) a short explanation of the species pages is given. In the future a summary in English will be added.

Click on the images below to view the pdf files.

Inleiding    Mesotaeniaceae     Penium en Gonatozygon